Saturday, January 2, 2010

A hacker shou-out

hello and welcome to an another guide by me tinman Ashish .... this words are meant for guys and gals who are new to the world of computers. The main problem of these days computer users is that they get brought into the culture of hacking and cracking... well i too did some stuff but before i could be caught my mentor stopped me. For all those who want to be hackers please read this document as a precautionary step...


yeah most definetly u may have heard this type of lectures from teachers and parents alike... well now i'll prove it to you. On the net you can download 10000's of tutorials on hacking.. but take all of them and they have one thing in common their dates. Till this present year 2010 , i have found only tutorials and videos dating till 2005. You too might have come across this as well :its common to ask where are those authors now... You see my dear friends the internet has changed a lot since the old times and take my warning u snoop around in somebody else's network u can be traced.. expert hackers say hell what is this fool talking about we are using proxies and stuff like that how can our ip's be traced??? Well its possible and it is sad to see many young faces go to the bighouse. However it is not fit to say it is not possible to hack now, but the chances are you'll be watched very doesnot matter if u hack once ;if u do get caught its all over. Now to the main question where are those authors.... well i'll tell the examples of some of the earlier computer geeks and war lordss who made the dream fantasy called internet accessible to the now users like u and me. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak ever heard of these names ;yeah u know it founders of the apple corporation. They were like bill gates and other dudes like richard stallman were hardcore hackers.. u see they are like gods compared to the now hackers... they had to memorise codes that would break your head into two.. When these guys found a break they built theair empires ...they sticked on to its development. The so called authors now stop writing because of

1. the internet has become more secure... well u may say bulls*** well dudes what is the one thing that drives u most... the desire for money right now google ,yahoo they all employ top rated hackers to run their mainframe..hell most of the companies are built by them. See now that if you find some nifty tutorial on the net believe me it would have been looked at by the hired hackers..some of these tutorials can also be traps set by them to get us poor learners of the skill.

2.Ever heard of consoles , terminals .shells ... these days kids like u and me fall victim to the easy peasy one-click hack complete programmes. Even for learners this is crap if u want to learn something startfrom its base ..i see many of my buddies saying they are godly hackers..and god only knows if they know what a string is .With an indepth knowledge of the subject matter; u can have 10% chance of escaping a trace . those authors wrote great stuff and hell they are good but the idiots like us dont even do reserch about the topics we learned... if we learn a guide we close it and move on to the next... guess what the net and its info is growing daybyday and our dear authors found their species dying at an alarming rate...

Now u should know the laws of your country... well in most countries u hack = 10yrs in prison is the law...and guess what it's a no trial offense. Think's a fools game are the times of phishing filters and enhanced security, there is no getting around takes great thinking and experience to bypass such measures.

If ur interesed in the field ... try some of my measures
1.get virtual box or vmware and try learning their usage
2.hackers like UNIX and its clones.
3.have good knowledge of computer languages
4.never ever try to outsmart people u know who you can't mess with... take it very seriously..

well thats it for this short page .. if need any info please email me or
if u have any thoughts please do comment.

Ashish a.k.a tinman