Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Adding ntfs partition to fstab

Hello this is for all the guys and gals new to linux.. and want to automatically use their win partitions on the go.

Fstab it’s located in “/etc/fstab”, and it’s a plain text file which contains the information about our disks, and the how they should be mounted in the system.

If you want to add a NTFS partition you must type this:

/dev/hda[X] /mnt/[folder_name] ntfs ro,user,auto,noexec,umask=0 0 0


  • ro = Read Only
  • user = Allow to mount the partition if you’re a limited user
  • auto = This means that the partition will be mounted at the system bootup
  • noexec = You’ll not be able to execute binaries (Highly recommended to Win partitions)
  • “umask=0″ = Means everybody can do everything with the files on the disk [See more]
  • 0(first) = The partition will not be backed up
  • 0 (second) = Put 1 if you want to check that partition with fcsk at the bootup (No necessary to Win)
replace /dev/hda[X] with /dev/sda[X] or accordingly.