Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first poem for the blog!!!!


Ashish Kurian Thomas.

I shiver from the warmth you give me;
clearing myself, for somelight to this shade
Tried to change focus, yet it is you I see
Ravens surround me as i start to fade.

My pain gave me reason;
since nothing made sense
But in the end you give me treason
And i'm a dried leaf inside your fence.

Through every mistake and lie;
I dug out my open filled grave
Because of your smile and sigh
broken promises is all I could save.

The blade promised shade from your heat
I took to the floor without missing a beat,
My hand, your blood, fates transmission
A fools transgression, I failed summation.

My legs too weak; I can't kneel
My heart too bleak I cant feel
My pain gone, I'm alone
My chains complete, on my own.

My body; I thought it was you
I realise; you were my core
And now with noone else to sue
The flesh begins to sore.

The pain's back; the better drug
I push my fingers into my eyes,
All my time; remorse inside a jug
broken,failed to put it back; honest lies.

Lived life an incomplete fool
Jumped every hurdle as a tool
And you my air, my soul, my beat
This flesh rots from your absent heat.

I'm coming; my endless despair
I see life has more, but no spare
It won't be to you, my soul,; donot hasten
Rather far more emptier place, to cry and bleed open.

Ah! the blackbirds following me
I dig my open grave, none i see
blinked a thousand times to feel it on m shave,
To die alone, i'm getting back what i gave.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Increase torrent speed

Here we are using utorrent 2.2 as an exemplary client with a 256k connection. We won’t waste more time, lets start changing the settings.

Connections Pane:

Change Your Network Settings

In Connections pane, Under “Port used for incoming connections”, enter any port number. It is best to use a port number above 10000. Mine is 17590 as shown in the pic.

Randomize Port Each Time Utorrent Start

This option randomizes the port each time utorrent starts, which is highly unnecessary, UNCHECK it.

Enable UPnP Port Mapping And NAT-PMP Port Mapping

If you are manually forwarding your port than keep it UNCHECKED, but if you dont know what port forwarding is or you’re not forwarding the port manually than CHECK it.

Add Utorrent To Windows Firewall Exceptions

UNCHECK it if your windows firewall is disabled, try disabling the Windows firewall whenever using torrents, because Windows firewall

literally hates torrents, it won’t allow to increase the speed ever.

Bandwidth Pane:

Global Maximum Number of Connections

This option lets you “the number of connections made to your torrent”, it should not be set too low and not too high either, if you’ll set it too low, the torrent wont be able to connect with seeds and peers, if you set it too high it will cause too much bandwidth wastage. For 256K connection 130 is optimal. for other connections you can calculate it by this formula: upload speed x 80%

Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent

70 (for 256k) is optimal for other connections use this formula: upload speed * 1.3

Number of upload slots per torrent

Optimal setting for 256k connection is 3. To calculate your settings, try this formula:

1 + (upload speed / 6)

Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%

it should be CHECKED.

Maximum Number Of Download Speed

It may sound interesting not to limit your download speed, but it greatly affects the downloading if set to unlimited. To calculate this setting use:

download speed * 90%

BitTorrent Pane:

Enable DHT Network

Its highly recommended to CHECK this option, it highly improves the speed.

Protocol Encryption

It is recommended to either select FORCED or ENABLE for thi

s option, This can help increase speed in many ISPs.

Enable DHT for new torrents


Enable Peer Exchange


Ask Tracker For Scrape Information


Enable Local Peer Discovery


Limit Local Peer Bandwidth


Advanced Pane:


The default setting in Windows XP for maximum connections is 8 which is not optimal enough for torrents to connect to seeds and peers. The best way to increase the number of half open connections is to increase the value for 8 to 50 to 60, too high or too low will decrease the download speed drastically. We will have to apply a patch too to increase the default value (in Windows XP SP2 only), you can apply the patch from here, this patch will increase the half open connections on OS level.

NOTE: Windows update

sometimes revert this setting back to default one, so its better to keep checking every now and then.


Increase the value from default 300 to 600, it also increases the download speed.

Well that shopuld do about settings.... now get this program and set it to optimal its called TCP optimiser

Now for a particular torrent add trackers to its tracker list..note i got the tracker list from the locations tab from where i downloaded the torrent..this could be from monova piratebay kickasstorrents and so on.




note some of the trackers from sites like monova maybe no luck there ... if you are willing spent some time googling...

Well thats it for my small tutorial on increasing torrent speeds...


A big shout-out to my friend Sivaranj for introducing me to torrents

also thanks to the always open wikipedia

Easypeasy hacks

It has been a while since i wrote any thing on the blog.... so here's something i found on the net

................................................HACKING WITH GOOGLE....................................................................


bring up google and in the search space type the exact as follows


And then search. The search results would land you links to security cameras, note some maybe good some not so...for one the one i did a test on had terrible refresh rate.

Now for something tragic

intitle:"Live View / - AXIS"

yeah you guessed it...but hey SHHHHHH!!!!!!

Some other search tags...

inurl:IndexFrame.shtml "Axis Video Server"

inurl:LvAppl intitle:liveapplet

intitle:"WJ-NT104 Main"

intitle:"snc-rz30 home"


"robots.txt" "disallow:" filetype:txt


inurl:_vti_pvt "service.pwd"




"vnc desktop" inurl:5800


inurl:"port_255" -htm


intitle:phpMyAdmin "Welcome to phpMyAdmin***" "running on * as root@*"

Well thats for my find...yeah i tested these on google search but not on other searchengines like bing and altavista...please feel free to experiment and post...


The folks at for providing a cool video on this topic...and yeah it is from there I found this treasure... Below i posted some screenshots of my testing...


In some utter finds we directly get root access to a system... i did no harm to the accounts i got into... so don't do it yourself... there are holes in security take time to only learn about them


Pure learning purpose only