Saturday, May 21, 2011

Using chntpw to change windows password.

In this post I'd like to introduce you to "chntpw". This is a utility used to change the windows password by editing the SAM file. Below I have included a video of how you can use it to change the windows password.

In this post i'll be taking the aid of the popular backtrack live cd. Backtrack is a linux distribution now currently based on ubuntu and debian. Why backtrack?? Well it contains chntpw and it's the best pentesting distro; so I've heard.

You can download backtrack live system from the following website.
The wiki of chntpw is this.

I have made the video with narration and it is pretty much self-explanatory.

====What version of windows you'll see in the video===

The machine I'm using is installed within vmware as a guest OS, which is Windows 2000. [This tutorial is meant for those of who are using windows NT and up.]

************CREDITS AND STUFF****************

1. The always helpful :-
From here i learned about SAM and syskey. I suggest you read his article about the topic.

2. The always open wikipedia.
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In the next post I'll be covering in depth how I make the videos. Stay tuned


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


OKey dokey, its been a while, so this time I'd like to introduce some thing quirky to the blog. Ever wondered what'd be like to have the perfect dream being
aired on television, Yeah in this post I'll be talking about the ANIME series' that made my top 10 list. This is just my viewpoint, and in no way is meant to be offensive
in any sense. Lets cut the chitchat and step right into it.

#10=== DragonBall=============

This anime series was the first anime franchise that I fell in love with. Brilliant action scenes and a wicked storyborad made my eyes glued to the Tv screen. So, why this series is in
the tenth spot, for one thing it faild to bring out the gore that i read in the dragonball manga, and the other the evil characters are pretty little in "evilness". But enough of that because
of this thing is done in 1996 and it had relatively less art appeal I had no choice but to give in. But I must say it gives a new vibe to the term adventure and for that Dragonball
is in the tenth position.

#9===== Naruto ==============

This series is legendary and you cant get enough of it. The naruto universe is pretty much built from scratch, From its genuity from crafty handsigns to sealing techniques, that
resides in japanese folklore. This series has won my heart. Now on to the things I like the most, It's incredible storyboard and in most scenes you can see a story within a story
and that is something really respect worthy, Also the lessons of hardwork and including characters of all level who have their crucial role is pretty much rare these days. But why #9
Well in most episodes the artwork and animation was ..well weak. This is how I feel it doesnot matter if you have a story to tell thats pretty long, but the way you present it should
be worthy of attention. In some of the episodes you have the first 13 min or so showing the last moments of the previous episode, that really was a knife on the wound. But for
creating great inspiration and a sense of somewhat self-respect among ourselves, the motivational naruto gets the ninth spot.

#8===== Bleach===============

Giving the term Style a new meaning, bleach seals its spot in my countdown. I dont know why but the whole idea of soul repaers and shinigami gets to me. And also bleach has contents that
give hormone driven machines like myself a chance to enjoy the "view" :). NOw on to the main reason this series is the first in the countdown to have decent animation and artwork.
The backgroung scores are awesome in a perspective that they give a turring effect to the notion that bleach has created for itself eversince its airdate. Also i'm not the one who goes for
english dubs but bleach has the most beautiful voice cast, and the dialogue translation was asynchronous with the original lip movements. So Why #8 well the next few down my list,
I like them more ;)

#7===== Ghost in the shell- Stand alone complex=======

The stroy of a futristic cybernetic cop (even more cool is that the the cop's a beauty) fighting for her way, is the stuff that keeps you busy dreaming. The whole concept was giving
off a leuring effect to the viewers( atleast for me ). You get that sort of matrix feeling when you are watching the series. The only downfall I could spot was the sound effects and
the translation, It was a sort of drag. But for the story line GITS takes the #7 position.

#6======== Neon Genesis Evangelion===================

Considering its release in 1995 this series was giving me the backbone to thrash the naruto animators, well if you just look at the animation score and the art in evangelion ,
narutos way poor. And this was '95. Now the reasons, storyline- kickass robots with beautiful chicks on top, who doesn't like that. its not just that the series gives a sense of deja vu
with oerspective to the Gundam, series but in no way it has roots in it. beautiful cas, artwork and undisputed anim works Evangelion hits my list at number 6.

#5======== DragonBall Z + GT ==============

yeah ripping muscles and all important bloodshed and gore, the series follow up for the dragonball franchise, this series' is all about hardcore and beyond. There was a time when i
thought nothing was better than this, but as the series wnet on the fights became longer and i felt it dragging. Also how many times you have to see the future you'll see up to the
series' main character's grandson's son when ou reach at the end of GT. And for me that was a let down. And for that DBZ and GT stays at number 5.

#4======= Samurai X====================

I'll never forget the times I swung a bamboo stick as if it were a japanese katana. Inspiration and that whole feeling of being in the meiji era is what drives me to put Samurai X
at #4. '98 animators are the best at bringing out hardcore actions and gore out of the manga and into the TV viewers. And most importantly the backgroung music gave the sense of
1880's and most importantly every fight scene had a reflection into the characters past, and that for me made me even more curious to watch every episode at the ede of my seat.
The release of the OVA's revealing the series protagonist past made me feel sympathy and for the most part respect for people with such sort of hard past. Also it teaches us how
our lives should be lived, and even now when I hear Sobakasu the title song I fall into tears, because Samurai X made my childhood. For all thaese reasons Samurai X takes the 4 th spot.

#3====== Deathnote==================

On of the better series that reels in myalltime favourite character section- Shinigami, This anime is carefully constructed piece by piece for suspense and that all important awe impression.
Unlike series like Detective shool Q, Deathnote takes off a whole new level of expertise to crime deduction and simple cleverness. Faceoffs and sound were the best I had witnessed.
The series challenges you to think and asks your heart to pump more so that you can see what happens. And for that Deathnote takes the 3rd spot.

#2_1 ======= Naruto Shippuuden=============

You heard it right people this maniac (me) is a narutard. Believe it!!! . This series kicks off after two years in the Naruto universe, Every ones "grown up" and I stress the "grown up"
The animatiuonas and the sounds a re a lot better. ANd the fights are even more heartstoppind and exhilerating. Beautifuls female characters and all important consistency in the artwork
and animation made it hard to choose Shippuuden along with an another series.

#2_2 ========= Full metal Alchemist + Brotherhood===============

There are no words to describe FMA, the creativity of the author is beyond me. Even though I like the Brotherhood series a lot more thatn just FMA, I wouldn't skip it. Cuz it's just
fun to watch. The alchemy Universe is explained to the core by the series and adventures never had been more looked up to.

Both the series made it very hard for me to pick, so I put them both at number 2 spot.

#1==========COWBOY BEbOP========================

BEbOP is Wait for it!!!! LEGENDARY. Man this is the best of the pack although its only 26 episodes in total comparitvely small to all the above mentioned series' Bebop
speaks out strongly and more powerfully than the rest, because of its unmatched voce cast , Mindblowing storyline and impressive animation skills. Not to mention that I'm a blues fan
, the series made me feel right at home. Yoko kanno one of the music compisers of the series is also the MC for another favourite series Wolf's rain--- too serious but surprisingly
tolerably nostalgic!!. But hey Bebop reigns at the top of my list because it has bits and pieces of everyanime in the above list, and get this this puppy was relesed back in '99.
Although i dont take to eng dubs I think Cowboy Bebop should be seen atleast once in eng dub. It's phenominal

Ok before I wrap this up..I also want to post some good anime's that alomost made my list, this is in no order;

1. Wolf's Rain
2. Tenge tengou
3. Mobile suit gundam
4. Detective school Q
5. dotHack Sign
6. Arjuna
7. Hungry heart
8. Ah! my Goddess
9. Code Geass
10. One piece.

And yeah I watched these because of pure testosterone rush, Its not a must watch, but hey it's fun and what can you do.... you just do...

Ikki tousen
Hell Girl
Love Hina!!
Black lagoon--this ones pretty good.

And with that I warp this up... Comments are appreciated.

~\/ t1nm4n.