Saturday, May 21, 2011

Using chntpw to change windows password.

In this post I'd like to introduce you to "chntpw". This is a utility used to change the windows password by editing the SAM file. Below I have included a video of how you can use it to change the windows password.

In this post i'll be taking the aid of the popular backtrack live cd. Backtrack is a linux distribution now currently based on ubuntu and debian. Why backtrack?? Well it contains chntpw and it's the best pentesting distro; so I've heard.

You can download backtrack live system from the following website.
The wiki of chntpw is this.

I have made the video with narration and it is pretty much self-explanatory.

====What version of windows you'll see in the video===

The machine I'm using is installed within vmware as a guest OS, which is Windows 2000. [This tutorial is meant for those of who are using windows NT and up.]

************CREDITS AND STUFF****************

1. The always helpful :-
From here i learned about SAM and syskey. I suggest you read his article about the topic.

2. The always open wikipedia.
********************end of post******************

In the next post I'll be covering in depth how I make the videos. Stay tuned



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