Thursday, July 5, 2012

First post after entering college.

On july 14th 2011, a brand new chapter unfolded, that was the first day of college for me (technically, it was a bridge course). I'm now a second year C.S.E student and have entered classes on 4th july 2012. I'm just writing this post since it had been a long time since i posted anything here.

I'm doing my B.E degree at Udaya School of Engineering.  It has been a blast- the first year experience. But, all the same the second year seems a lot harder, since it will be the first year where we enter into the computer engineering studies.

This blog will be filled with reminders and other stuff (not completely boring... I hope :) ) for the next 3 years.

Also this year I wish to bring a laptop to help me study (hmmmmm!!! ). Mine will be a Dell Inspiron 630m.
I'm planning to put in a dual-boot config of Windows xp and Crunchbang linux. Well, that depends on the need of the hour issue, but all the same, the laptop will be my one-way ticket to completing college life. Well more news will follow.

Oh!! by the way I forgot to mention that I'm writing this from the college computer. This day (6-7-2012) was our first netlab.



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