Saturday, October 19, 2013

Personal Update

It has been way too long since I put something up here!!. I started to blog because of him, he said "if you learn something from the net give it back", righteous words aren't they? Anyway, due to the recent turn of events, I had never got the chance to fill in all of the stuff that I encountered till now. So I'm going to retrace from 2011(when the blog became static). And since no one but me will look into my shit, this would act as a personal reminder and check box of what I have done with my time. Also, I find no use for phaceb00k :( , so here I am on my blog.

Things that happened in 2011-2013.

1. On May 23,2011 a new chapter unfolded. Not that it was my 18th birthday, but that was the day when my 12th C.B.S.E results came. My parents had such high hopes(usual)  that I heard the bells ringing for me when I announced my result to them. Any way ashamed of what I achieved(yes, achieved!!), I tried to get away from it all. A runaway perhaps was what I intended. The atmosphere at home was a "Silence of the lambs"-cliche. After a lot of thinking and banging my head against my room's wall, I decided to take upon my dad's offer to go for engineering.

Note:   Every kid in my great nation grows up hearing two words "Engineer" and "Doctor". I never looked beyond those options(I was lazy and stupid!). I took bio-math in my XI and XII, so that I can eventually cut up people(being the right hand of god and all that.). This was (yes was!) my prime interest. But for anything in life "if you don't succeed at first, then you'll never get a chance  again" and medicine study ain't cheap. After I wrote my entrance exams, a stupid flyer(I realized fate is a biyatch!!) for a college hit my face. I never thought of the consequences of me putting that in my pocket will be. On my judgement night(the result announcement) my dad looked through my stuff to see if his seed had turned a junkie(only kidding,dad!), and behold was the flyer that said "Welcome to HELL!!". My old man  saw a chance for me to get back on my feat, and since I killed their dreams I had no say in his choice. On the next day ie.. the 24th we visited the campus. (on a side note: I never wrote the engineering entrance, my head was in my ass!!) and on the 28th we sealed my fate(took a seat for Computer Science and Engineering).

2. I took a room at their hostel and then on a new chapter begins. I didn't know what to do at the time, what ever I did I didn't want to repeat the things that happened, so blind folded I began gobbling  everything that was taught to me during the first year of the course. The only thing I truly appreciated was Mrs. Ann Romalt's lectures on "C is all that you'll need!!", she taught me what coding was and my code bug was because of her, thank you madam :D. Before that all i did was look at other peoples work and change it for my own(scripts only), this was because the primary operating system I used at home was GNU\Linux.(Laugh, a would-be doctor who likes to play with computers!! ). Anyways, when second year came up, my expectations were a bit high now that I have looked up what I have chosen for my poison(C.S.E was the cheapest and no capitation, that's why I chose it!!, at the time there was no reason to understand what the course was about.). I wanted to replace the emptiness of me not being able to take up medicine with me a "coding machine". More than anything I wanted to code and to "code great". But paper after paper I found nothing that would help me with this. Again, thinking that it'd turn out for the best I gobbled up the papers(bad tasting medicine)and steered my way to 3rd year. Now, I'm confused it's that time I prepared my C.V for getting a collar job, and I have nothing to add for my skill-set rather than an obsession for playing with Linux. I wanted atleast one programming language, so I decided f**k the system. I got out looked into stuff like python and javascript(far more easier and better languages for me atleast). For two months I laboured on day and night, but frequent exams at the college (I know it's not a reason) my endeavors were cut short. The uni exams are just a month away and I have nothing to write on paper. So there was no choice, I paused "My choice of learning" for the uni stuff. I borked and now i'm choking. i have no idea about any of the papers and I can't seem to gobble like I used to. Scary shit!! what happens next??

3. The single best thing that happened to me was that my brother Roshy M John gave my my first love kausalya. She's a dell inspiron 630m, a beautiful machine. He said to me "It brought me good fortune and made me who I'm now!" and he wanted that for me(domo arigato!). Windows xp was the choice since everything I had for work at college was on that platform, but I didn't want to leave my dope behind, So I dual-booted her with  #! Linux and Xp. But, soon found out that everything I did on windows could be replicated on linux(and i'm not talking of wine, good god these things pull in a lot of memory and my kausu is a gentle creature). So from #! i learned how to do a net-install of debian and for when I needed to click I fire up my dwm session on my debian-ised kausalya. Under 40 mb memory usage !!! compared to 150mb usage in xp(in idle), getting the driver's installed for wireless and all was a hassle but I enjoyed every minute of the trouble, now i'm happy :D

4. I'm a bit scared now, but the voices( my blockhead of a grandmother!!) tell me that it's going to be alright. Scared because my exam results are my way to redemption, and if I fail at that there won't be another chance to say to my parents that I'm sorry for the XII. So, I'm hitting the books again to climb that ladder.

P.S To those who think I'm falling behind because of some girl, "KISS MY ASS!!". God that felt good :D