Friday, December 20, 2013

Lightweight debian desktop

Why am I doing this, when there are already like a billion articles on the internet on how to do this?, Its because I can :D. In this article I'll do a debian net-install and over that I'll add my desktop.

1. Getting the install media
                                    Go to the "Official netinst images for the stable release" section of the debian downloads page and download the net-install CD-image. I chose torrent, and at the time of writing the stable version I've downloaded is debian-7.2.0-i386-netinst.iso . My laptop is old, but it has a usb port... and since its evil not to use a usb port I'll make a bootable usb stick for my installation.

Download unetbootin and launch it. Choose "Disk Image" and then browse for our debian iso. Ahem!! did you plug in your thumb drive :D . Dont change any of the other settings, now click on OK. Wait for it to finish and now you have a bootable usb drive.

2. Doing the install
                                  Boot the PC or laptop from the  usb stick. On the first screen Press Enter on "Install". And now we'll be presented with the debian installer. Choose your keyboard layout. (the internet connection should be up). The next screen you’re likely to see is choosing a hostname. Chances are, you can make up whatever you want. Now it’s time to pick a local mirror. After choosing your country, you’ll be asked which mirror to use.Username and password?? You'll be prompted to give a root user password, leave it blank, press Enter each time. Then the normal user we are to create will be automatically given sudo privilleges. Next comes a partitioning screen, I'll go ahead and use the entire disk. Now on the screen where we are to choose our software see to it that only "Standard system utilities" is only checked. Also if you're doing this on a laptop like i am check "Laptop" box also. Now sit back and enjoy the screen if red and blue progress bars. Now choose where to install grub. Choose MBR, which is the safest choice. And thats it, we have our debian net-install on our machines drive.


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