Sunday, June 15, 2014

A fresh start

Why the change ?

I'm not a much of a great blogger, but I do wanna make myself turn back and see what all I have done in the past. From now on, there will be regular updates to the blog. I have been rusting for a while. Time to dust off and move on. Lot of personal crap bogged me down, but i'm now ready to kick butt.

First move

I've decided to jump from GNU\Linux to freeBSD, mainly because of curiosity as I wanted to try something different. Things can go bork, but hey that's the fun part. This is the thing that motivated me:

Second move

Learning something new. I know a couple of languages but not any to the point where I can design anything I want. So, starting today I'm visiting my roots to C and fall in love with code.

Last thing

My PC (eleanor) met a tragic end when a thunder storm took out her mother board. So repairs and other things are to follow.

~Live long and prosper.