Monday, June 12, 2017

Hasura Internship - 1.1 App Idea

By the end of January, something amazing happened. I enrolled in an online mooc called IMAD from the folks at Hasura and IIT-M. And by the grace of the force, I was able to clear it and make a small webapp in the process. As part of this, Hasura selected a few students(almost 400 of us), for an internship, where we would have to make an app using the hasura platform

The Internship

The following are the guide lines

  • Strictly use the Hasura platform.
  • The app should contain only three screens, excluding the login page.
  • NodeJS and Python are favored, but are not the only languages for back-end coding. 
  • The app building should take less than 7 weeks, with the 8th week being left for getting feedback and improvements.
  • The interns should blog about their progress somewhere (hence this blog post).

App Idea

I am not a very religious person, but I do occasionally go to my chruch. And when I do, I always meet someone, who I have no idea about. There is a directory for our chruch members, but that book is 250 pages thick and weighs a ton. So, there has been a talk whether we can take that info and make it online (Carrying a 24 inch smartphone is considered normal).

So, it's settled, I'll build an online searchable directory for my parish. 
I'll have to do some mad research if I wanna squeeze everything down to three pages.

We'll see how it goes.

Log Date : May 1-10


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