Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hasura Internship - 1.2 Prototyping


The entire app should have a max of 3 pages.
  • Must have a provision to add a new family, add a new member to the family and finally make edits.
  • Member images and family image can be added and edited.

Prototype (TL;DR)

The three pages are  
  1. search - the search display mock up.
  2. one - detailed view of a member's family.
  3. add - to add a new family and then members to it.  
A pdf document of all the prototypes of all three pages can be found here. Credits to proto.io for the awesome tools to make the prototype.

A live view of the pages are hosted temporarily on my personal site.

The pages use bootstrap, just because I can't do responsive design.

The project can be tracked on its github page.

Log Date : May 1-10 


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