Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hasura Internship - x.x The Break

From May 13 to May 28 saw a lot many things happening.

  • The company where I worked decided to let me and my team go. So now I'm left with the slow and agonizing task of dusting off my resume and that old Q.A book.
  • First things first, I decided to remake my resume. Done.
  • After countless days of running around we scored a place. Unfortunately the boys and gals at the new place played with the bleeding edge when it came to their stack. And we were dinosaurs. So I had to pause what I was doing till then and get a hang for ES6, MongoDB and Angular
  • I notified the Operations Head at the internship about the delay and he was more than understanding in this regard.
  • In order to get a grip of things I wanted to do a project with the things I was learning. So I decided to do the Internship App on this new stack, save for using angular(still too alien).
  • A video on the pre-alpha can be found on youtube. The source will be pushed on to github, when it's ready.
Currently I'm rushing to get back on track. The date is 26 June today, and I'm hoping to finish this puppy by 29 June.


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